HOW BOOKING WORKS We do our best to make the reservation process as simple as we can. We always recommend calling us over emailing, that way we can help guide you, unless you are the rare customer who uses us so frequently you have it down as well as our expert booking team. The booking process is the same as the process to receive a free quote, the difference is if you agree to complete your reservation or if you want to think about it, or use it to shop around, we know you'll end up calling us back anyway.

REQUIRED INFORMATION We are going to need accurate information to give you an accurate quote, makes sense right? We will need to know where your pickup location is and if it will also be where we drop you off, we need to know how many passengers you will have including yourself, as well as your main destination, and any additional stops you know you already know will be making. You get unlimited stops and can "fly by the seat of your pants" but if you already know other stops it will help us figure out how long you need the vehicle for. We also need to know what the event or occasion is, for example we may be offering wedding packages at the time, if we don't know the event we won't be able to tell you about it. We also need to know if you or any of your friends are under 21. We'll also need your name and number to save your quote in the system so you can pick up where you left off when you call back. When you do make your reservation we will need a down payment on a credit card.