Patagonia Grill & Cafe

There's nothing better than an amazing Argentine and Latin American meal at Patagonia Grill & Cafe. This is a classic choice for our Houston Party Bus Service customers in the Spring Valley area. They have an incredible selection of wine here and we've also enjoyed their bellinis on many occasions. The grilled trout is something that we'd highly recommend and we also adore the asparagus soup for lunch!

Find this spot at 8408 Katy Fwy, Spring Valley Village, TX 77024.

Grub Burger Bar

Grub Burger Bar is a super affordable and comfortable place to spend your lunch or dinner hour with your Houston Party Bus Service group. Very conveniently located for our Spring Valley travelers, this burger joint is known for having an excellent full bar and some of the most attentive service in town. They have really tasty buns and toppings here that set off the flavor of the burgers, and we love the onion rings!

Find this one at 799 Town & Country Blvd, Houston, TX 77024.

Petrol Station

Petrol Station gets a whole lot of love from Houston Party Bus Service customers in the Spring Valley area who crave delicious burgers and beer. This one is more pub than the others on this list, veering away from the sports bar vibe and more into that cozy pub territory. It's dimly lit and very comfortable, intimate for dates and also nice for large party bus groups.Very highly recommended to you!

Find it at 985 Wakefield Dr, Houston, TX 77018.

Christian's Tailgate

Christian's Tailgate is another burger joint, this time more in the sports bar vein, so if that's what you're looking for, you've found it! You'll love the location and you'll be more than impressed with the service that you receive and the high quality food that is served. It looks a little run down from the outside, but the inside is sparkling clean and quite nice. Yummy shoestring fries and nice simple tasty burgers, just the way you like them! Mmm!

You can find this one at 7340 Washington Ave, Houston, TX 77007.

Luke's Icehouse

Luke's Icehouse is one of the most laid back and relaxing bars that you could ever find in the Spring Valley area. So conveniently located for our Houston Party Bus Service customers, this one's known for their big comfortable bar and for their cool bean bag play area outdoors. A little play and competition never hurt anybody, and after a few beers, it sure is a whole lot of fun! Makes you feel like a kid again. Great prices, great service.

Find them at 903 Durham Dr, Houston, TX 77007.

Cedar Creek

This is yet another burger bar that is so well known for our party bus travelers in this area. As with the others, they'll never let you down, whether it comes to flavor, quality, service, ambiance, or price! They've got it all. This one's definitely more bar than restaurant, and we really like it that way. The fries are out of this world, to the point that we almost love them more than the burgers! Now that's saying something! What a cozy place to spend the evening with your crew!

Find this one at 903 Durham Dr, Houston, TX 77007.