The Tasting Room

If you really love a good wine bar, you'll certainly enjoy your experience at The Tasting Room on West Lake Houston Parkway in the Scenic Woods area. So many of our customers request this place all the time and we think it's just as much about the beautiful ambiance as it is about the wine and the food. It's very classy yet comfortable. The mini grilled cheese sandwiches are a favorite and we also love the creme brulee french toast.

You can find this one at 1660 W Lake Houston Pkwy, Kingwood, TX 77339.

Chimichurri's South American Grill

Latin American food is at its very best at Chimichurri's South American Grill. It's indeed a bit pricey here but you'll be happy to pay these prices because you get what you pay for! Super high quality. The empanadas are absolutely amazing. Tres leches? Unbelievable! They have a superb selection of wine and beer for your enjoyment and a great deal of space for even your largest Houston Party Bus Service groups. What a gem in the Scenic Woods area!

Find this one at 1660 W Lake Houston Pkwy, Kingwood, TX 77339.

Chachi's Mexican Restaurant

Everybody loves Chachi! That's definitely the truth when you're talking about Chachi's Mexican Restaurant over in the Scenic Woods part of town! We take so many people here and they all just go on about the high quality here. Affordable and very comfortable, this place gets our top recommendation for Mexican food around here. The fajitas are our top recommendation and we also go wild for the quail. Very unique!

Find it at 4300 Town Center Pl, Kingwood, TX 77339.


If pizza and Italian food are what you're craving when you and your good friends are traveling with Houston Party Bus Service in Scenic Woods, Zammitti's should be your top choice. We are talking about the ooey-gooiest and most delicious pizza in town! Mmm! Comfort food shining like a bright star in the darkest night of your hunger! The fried cheese ravioli gets a lot of attention from us too, and we love the chicken saltimbocca! And the garlic knots!

You can find this one at 1660 W Lake Houston Pkwy, Kingwood, TX 77339.

Akashi Sushi

There's virtually nothing that the Houston Party Bus Service crew enjoys more than checking out local sushi restaurants, and we can vouch for the fact that Akashi Sushi is one of the very best around here! The sushi is the star of the show here, but they do have some interesting surprises too, like the chicken fried rice! Very good. The Mongolian beef is fantastic too! And there's even a full bar here, not just Japanese beer and wine.

Find them at 2271 N Park Dr, Kingwood, TX 77339.

Raffa's Waterfront Grill

Raffa's Waterfront Grill is a sensational place to dine and drink when you're having a huge celebration with Houston Party Bus Service in the Scenic Woods area. It's really beautiful here and kept very clean and tidy. We love the incredible menu of comfort food that they have worked so hard to put together. The grilled brie appetizer is the must-have and the stuffed flounder has tantalized our tastebuds on many occasions.

Find this one at 1660 W Lake Houston Pkwy, Kingwood, TX 77339.