Tradicao Brazilian Steakhouse

We're going to kick off our list of great group dining recommendations for the Nassau Bay area with Tradicao Brazilian Steakhouse, it may be among some of the pricier options but it's one of the very best quality as well. The ambiance is nothing short of beautiful and their staff's service is simply impeccable. They've got more than enough room for your larger Houston Party Bus Service groups. A super fresh salad bar and all the high quality meats that you expect at a place like this.

Find this spot at 201 Bay Area Blvd, Webster, TX 77598.

Wings N More

If you are a lover of a great sports bar and the zesty wings that come along with it, you should really check out Wings N More when you're out here in Nassau Bay with Houston Party Bus Service! We especially dig the extra hot wings. Definitely pleasing to the tastebuds of those who love a good Buffalo wing! You won't have to pay an arm and a leg for anything here and you'll also receive really excellent service.

Find this one at 1850 Nasa Pkwy, Nassau Bay, TX 77058.

Genghis Grill

Genghis Grill is a Mongolian barbecue style restaurant where everyone can really enjoy a fantastic meal no matter how many people you are riding with. As you probably know, Mongolian BBQ is the style of dining where you put together your own bowl of meat, veggies, seafood, pasta, etc., and then they toss it on a huge round grill until all the flavors are melded together perfectly and everything is cooked to perfection. It's as entertaining as it is delicious!

Find it's location: 510 West Bay Area Blvd, Webster, TX 77598.

Chelsea Wine Bar

This option has really blown our minds in terms of quality, service, and price. Our loyal passengers from the great Nassau Bay area can't get enough of this place! They have commented many times how cozy it feel here more of a homey atmosphere than a chain style place offers, and that's something that is quite rare to find nowadays. The wine and beer specials are just fantastic. Steak night is a choice time to visit them, pun intended!

Find them near another one on our list at 4106 E NASA Pkwy f, El Lago, TX 77586.

King Chicken

King Chicken is a Peruvian and Latin American restaurant that's been very impressive for us, largely due to the fact that they have treated the guests we have dropped off there with such respect and given them such a high quality experience time after time. The pupusas are delish and we love the charro beans! We love the gold dragons and lotus blossoms that are a part of the decor. Nothing fancy, in fact it's a bit of a hole in the wall, and yet they can handle your larger groups with ease.

Find them at 548 W Nasa Pkwy, Webster, TX 77598.

Boondoggles Pub

There's probably nothing that Houston Party Bus Service can tell you about Boondoggles that you don't already know, especially if you live and work in the Nassau Bay area! But what you must know is that everybody who loves a good sports bar loves this place. It's all about that wood oven pizza, the incredibly flavorful wings, the fresh ceviche, the crisp salads, the delicious nachos and queso... we could go on and on. A top Houston Party Bus Service recommendation in Nassau Bay!

They'll be found at 4106 Nasa Pkwy, El Lago, TX 77586.