Mainly Drinks

Mainly Drinks, one of the greatest places around for beer, wine, and spirits, plus coffee, tea, and more! We absolutely love the historic building that houses this incredible place and we love the outstanding service even more. One thing is certain, you will feel like a king or a queen when you are dining and drinking here. An absolute Houston Party Bus Service top choice! Call phone number (281) 867-1700 for more information about this fantastic place.

You can find this one at 223 W Main St, La Porte, TX 77571.

Main 101 Grill & Bar

Interesting thing about this one, which while not promoted as a wine bar, it is in fact a very good one! They've got a sensational wine list and a more concise menu of traditional American favorites as well as deliciously tempting seafood. The soups and salads are very good here too! If you want a great meal when in La Porte with Houston Party Bus Service, this is your spot. You can call them to book a table for your whole group by calling (281) 470-8484.

Find this one at 101 E Main St, La Porte, TX 77571.

Monument Inn

Monument Inn, one of the most reliable restaurants and caterers for our party going Houston Party Bus Service customers in La Porte. Not only will they provide excellent catering for you, but they will also help you out on the party and event planning side of things. The fried oysters and the stuffed baked shrimp are the most amazing entrees! Mmm! You can reach out to them to make a reservation at (281) 479-1521.

You can find this one at 4406 Independence Pkwy S, La Porte, TX 77571.


It's no secret that many of our party bus customers will develop a hankering for some Tex-Mex fare when they're on the road with us, and when they do, we simply send them straight to Tortillas. This is a very popular after-work spot thanks to their happy hour margaritas. What a great way to kick off your night! The appetizers are especially delicious here and they've got a really extensive menu too. They're easily reachable by telephone at (281) 479-1710.

You can find this one at 9602 Spencer Hwy, La Porte, TX 77571.

El Ranchero Mexican Restaurant

Craving some delicious Mexican food when you're out with us in La Porte? Check out El Ranchero Mexican Restaurant, many say that this is the best Mexican restaurant in the area and we are highly inclined to agree with them! It has a really delightful small town type of feel and it's not usually as crowded as the more modern hipster restaurants that get so much attention. Well worth your time and money! You can always reach them at phone number (281) 471-7461.

You can find this one at 308 W Main St, La Porte, TX 77571.


Not much we can tell you about Chili's that you don't already know, but the reason that we're apt to recommend this excellent chain restaurant is because they offer a classier ambiance than most, a super fresh salad bar, and a beautiful bar area where you can even watch the big game on TV. Great specialty drinks and delicious food! You can reach them at phone number (281) 478-4777.

You can find this one at 8690 Spencer Hwy, La Porte, TX 77571.