- Highlands Bars
The Sunset A real Highlands favorite that Houston Party Bus Service customers can never get enough of is The Sunset! This is a wonderful pub that is super cheap, making it great for our budget-conscious party bus travelers. You can really soak up that good old fashioned bar atmosphere, enjoy some ice cold beer, and enjoy wonderful service too, all without breaking the bank. Very conveniently located on Main Street and great for groups! Visit this one at 1701 S Main St, Highlands, TX 77562.
Backdraft Bar-Be-Que We've got nothing but good things to tell you about Backdraft Bar-Be-Que! As with the previous mention, this is a super friendly atmosphere in which to drink and dine. The brisket is just fantastic, we're in love with the juicy hamburgers, and they've even got amazing stuffed baked potatoes that will have you singing their praises for days at a time! Mmm! Really a very nice atmosphere and the prices are not too bad either! Check this place out at 411 S Main St, Highlands, TX 77562.
Rizo's Sports Bar Rizo's Sports Bar gets Houston Party Bus Service's top recommendation for sports bar in the Highlands area! This is one of the cheapest priced places in the area and yet everything is super high quality and the beers are always ice cold. There's not much on draft here, just Bud Lite, but there is a really decent selection of bottled beer to tide you over! The juke box all on its own is a good enough reason to visit! Love it. Visit Rizo's at 2924 E Wallisvile Rd, Highlands, TX 77562.
Riverside Inn Marina & Restaurant Riverside Inn Marina & Restaurant is one that we've called our old school favorite in the Highlands part of Houston Party Bus Service's service area. That old fashioned ambiance is something that is all too hard to find elsewhere nowadays, and this place has been going strong forever. It's a little divey and we can appreciate that! Very quiet during lunchtime and more lively in the evenings. Definitely worth checking out during a Houston Party Bus Service trip! Do check out this classic at 17433 River Rd, Channelview, TX 77530.
Buffalo Wild Wings Buffalo Wild Wings will never let you down when you are on the road with a large Houston Party Bus Service group and looking for that perfect new school sports bar atmosphere. This is a real gem in the Highlands area and very conveniently located for your upcoming trip around here. The wings are what they're known for, but they're probably known just as much for their large screen TVs for the UFC fights! This Buffalo Wild Wings can be found at 6604 Garth Road, Baytown, TX 77521.
Monument Inn Monument Inn is the go-to spot for seafood lovers on the road with Houston Party Bus Service in Highlands. The fried oysters are a top recommendation from us, and we also have to rave a little bit about their delicious catfish. Just amazing. The bar area is very nice and they've got everything you could ever desire, but we recommend just a nice ice cold beer. Very good with all that tasty seafood. One of the very best! Visit Monument Inn at 4406 Independence Pkwy S, La Porte, TX 77571.